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Why Choose Us?

We train our contracted growers & cultivators on specific traits in order for our Mango products to have longer shelf life hence suitability for processing.
With fruit quality experts and modern imported machinery, we provide mango pulp and purees that are of supreme quality and best in taste to food processing manufacturers all over the world.

Our customers have been with us for the following reasons:

Keep It Pure Keep It Pure

We maintain our quality by simply keeping our product pure. We have a no-adulteration policy in our business.

Keep It Clean Keep It Clean

For any pulp or puree to be fresh for a long time, it is important to maintain the best hygiene from Pre-harvesting to processing, to packaging. For us it all starts and ends in hygiene.

Cultural Pre-Harvesting Practices Cultural Pre-Harvesting Practices

We train our growers with specific traits in cultivation, pre harvesting and post harvest fruit handling techniques in order to bring the perfectly ripened fruits for exports and processing.

Constant Quality On Every Purchase Constant Quality On Every Purchase

No matter the purchase point, our quality remains the same. We deliver as per the promise or approved sample. We go the extra mile to ensure that the quality exported remains the same across our lots and batches.

On Time Delivery On Time Delivery

We understand the trade, seasons and the cycles of our fruits. That is how we maintain our delivery timelines and commitments.

We Listen, Talk To Us. We Listen, Talk To Us.

We maintain a highly customer oriented approach. We pay attention to detail and we work with integrity. Talk to us.

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