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MACADAMIA NUTS Origin Kenya & Rwanda

We are a suitable exporter of quality Macadamia Nuts in Kenya. We ensure good agricultural practices, supply efficiency, quality production , efficient logistics and competitive pricing in a very focused customer friendly environment.

We are passionate about delivering premium macadamia from Kenya and Rwanda to the global market. We have unparalleled approach to producing and sourcing quality macadamia, through comprehensive farming services to selected partners and farm owners.


Commodity : processed Cashew Nuts
Quantity : According to the buyer’s requirement.
Style (Grade) :
PS0: >19mm Minimum 95% wholes
PS1L: 17mm- 19mm 95% wholes
PS1R: 14mm-17mm 95% wholes
PS2: 14mm- 17mm 50:50 mix of wholes and Halves
PS4L: 14mm- 17mm 80% Halves
PS4R: 10mm- 13mm 80% Halves
PS5: 7mm-10mm Pieces
Moisture : 5% max
Nut count : 200-280 Nuts per/kg
Foreign Matters : 0.5% max
Packaging & Shipping : Vacuum packed in plastic bags, then Boxed . Unit weight 11.34 Kgs (25lbs)
Vacuum packed & Nitrogen Flushed In Aluminium foil drapping. Unit weight 11.34 Kgs( 25lbs)
20ft FLC-16MT 4OFT Container -25MT
Inspection : SGS
Payment terms : TT 50% on agreement/contract signing and 50% on bill of landing / export documents.

We endeavour to build lasting partnerships with our customers worldwide. We create opportunities  and supply solutions within our markets, as we build a reputation behind our products and services.

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