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MANGOES Exporters in Kenya

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Available from us is a wide assortment of Fresh mangoes at market-leading prices. Our Fresh Mango is widely used in the preparation of different food items, like desserts, ice creams, etc, and also in other industries.

Mangoes in Kenya are farmed for both the fresh fruit market and the Processed market segment.

Being the major Exporter of Fresh Mango, we believe in providing first-grade quality to our clients. Kenya mangos stand tall and are among the best in the world, making Kenya a key partner and producer and one of the world’s leading mango export countries.

As Dairaan we work with select farms that meet good agricultural production standards which is a necessity for our exports and a plus to our customers.

Packaging: 4kg carton boxes tamper-proof packing with no harmful Substance.

Apple Mango Variety, Specifications & Features

Type: Apple Mango
Style: Fresh
Application: Direct Consumption, Food Processing, Juice Making
Cultivation Type: Organic
Shelf Life: 1-5Days
Maturity: 100%
Colour: Yellow/Orange color when ripe. Round-shaped Fruit.
Bore Free, Freshness, Good In Taste, Hand Picked, Healthy, Juicy, excellent aroma, Smooth texture, very sweet with no fibres and color

Ngowe Mango variety, Specifications & Features.
Best suited for commercial production and the export market, the Ngowe Mango variety has a large, slender, and long shape.
From pale green, it develops to an attractive yellow or orange color when ripe.
The yellow flesh is of excellent quality and is sweet and free of fiber.

The average size is 14cm with a width of 9.5cm
Average weight between 425-600gms

Harvesting is best done by hand to avoid damage to the fruit.
The fruit is clipped with a residual stalk of about 3 cm. 

Packaging & storage:
The fruits should be packed in a box or crate with the stalk facing downwards.
Mangoes should be stored in a cool dry place/room for a lengthened shelf life.

Shelf life:
4-9 days when stored at room temperature
Up to two weeks when stored in cold storage

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