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Ensuring Quality From Our Farms To Your Tables

Our avocados embark on their journey from our growers’ farms across East Africa, guided by essential insights into the latest horticultural practices, covering everything from crop management to soil fertility.

Discover our meticulous cold chain logistics for avocado exports, where we prioritize freshness and quality to give our customers value.

In choosing Dairaan Kenya you’re not just getting avocados;
 you’re receiving a commitment to quality  freshness  and excellence in cold chain logistics

Meet Our Growers

Discover the richness of our grower partnerships spanning across the vibrant landscapes of East Africa. Our commitment to ensuring a secure supply is rooted in the diversity of our growers, each contributing to a tapestry of culture and passion for the fruits they cultivate.

Our Vision

United by a common vision for a brighter future and a shared destiny, our growers in Kenya exemplify dedication and resilience. Our expansive network guarantees a dependable supply chain, featuring multiple operational packing sheds around the clock. Rain or shine, our commitment to supply security stands firm, a testament to the unwavering perseverance of our diverse grower community. Embrace the confidence of a steady and robust supply as we persist in cultivating excellence amidst the picturesque landscapes of East Africa

Why Choose Us?

With our fixed-fee strategy, we have been upending the status quo since our inception in 2019 by offering you excellent returns and prompt payouts.
We offer cutting-edge guidance on farming and crop management, maximizing yields, product quality, and sustainability.
So, it’s not surprising that we now have 120 grower partners and that we’ve expanded beyond avocados to other crops

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Seasonal Calender

The Hass variety is typically harvested from January to September, flourishing at altitudes ranging from 1000m to 2000m, with temperatures between 20°C and 24°C. Being reasonably drought-resistant, it can thrive under irrigation in regions with lower rainfall levels.

Fuerte Avocados are typically ready for harvest between January and July, thriving in temperatures of 20°C to 30°C. They generally prosper under similar conditions as the Hass variety but with a narrower harvest window.

The Horticultural Crops Directorate (HCD) of the Agriculture and Food Authority of Kenya (AFA) is officially tasked with announcing the commencement and conclusion of the avocado harvesting season, as well as overseeing the export process by sea or air. We consistently adhere to the directives provided by this authority.

About Hass Avocado

The highly coveted Hass avocados stand out as a prominent export from Kenya. This variety is characterized by a singular large oval seed, forming a drupe. Initially green, the fruit matures into a darker violet hue, almost black, with a rough texture and a yellow interior. Resembling a pear in its oval shape, Hass avocados boast a smooth and buttery consistency, offering a creamy texture.

The avocado tree, known for its minimal maintenance requirements, flourishes with ease and can bear fruit for up to 40 years without extensive intervention.

Recognized for its consistently creamy texture throughout the flesh, Hass avocados from Kenya are particularly well-suited for creating delicious guacamole. Additionally, the low-fat content in the creamy flesh makes it an excellent choice for individuals mindful of their weight. Experience the rich flavors and versatile qualities of Kenyan-grown Hass avocados.

Hass Avocado
Fuerte Avocado

About Fuerte Avocado

In Kenya, Fuerte avocados are distinguished by their easily peelable, smooth, and enduring green skin, which remains so even as the fruit matures. To gauge ripeness, simply assess the fruit’s softness, as it becomes softer with age. This variety holds the second-highest cultivation status in Kenya and is slightly larger than the Hass avocado.

While the Fuerte avocado tree may not match the high yield of the Hass variety, its aesthetics are noteworthy. With a spreading canopy and a stature that doesn’t soar, the Fuerte tree adds a touch of beauty to its productivity.

Fuerte avocados, with their firmer flesh, are uniquely suited for toasts and salads, offering a distinct texture that takes longer to ripen compared to other varieties. Moreover, their resistance to bruising and cracking makes them an excellent choice for shipping, storage, and display in the Kenyan market. Discover the exceptional qualities of Fuerte avocados grown in the scenic landscapes of Kenya.

The Fuerte is also known for its resistance to bruising and cracking, making it perfect for shipping, storage, and display.

Our Avocado Export Market

Hass Avocados

Dairaan works with Agricultural Authorising bodies, agricultural groups and our growers to regularly to ensure the Avocado fruit is picked and packed at optimal maturity.

From Our Farms to your Tables

At dairaan work hard everyday to distribute only the freshest avocados to our customers. We work with our growers to make sure all our fruits are carefully selected and harvested at the peak of their maturity. We then process, pack and ship them in a timely manner, guaranteeing that we fulfil our promise of bringing you the best avocados.

Dairaan works with Agricultural Authorising bodies, agricultural groups and our growers to regularly to ensure the Avocado fruit is picked and packed at optimal maturity.

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