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KENYAN PINEAPPLES Exporters / Supplier in Kenya

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Kenya & Uganda are among the major tropical countries that supply the world with their pineapples. 

It can be farmed for both the fresh fruit market as well as the processed market as jam preserves, canned products, and bakery ingredients.

The pineapple is a Superfood that is full of nutritional value.

Its low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals promotes tissue healing and fights inflammation.

East African Pineapples are generally graded in two ways:

a) according to size with the large sizes being a favorite for export.  Grade 1 is the widest at 12.7 centimeters.
Grade 2 is the medium variety at 10.8 centimeters. Grade 3 smallest 8.9 centimeters across.

b) Measuring the relative Brix degree. The ideal Brix degree is 13-15

This indicates the proportion of sugar versus acidic content. Pineapples will low acidity levels are suitable for making juices and other canned products.

Favorite export varieties: Smooth cayenne, MD2
Sizes: 6,7,8 and 10
Packaging: Corrugated board cartons
Storage: Between 7-12 degrees centigrade
Harvest: Ready for harvest when its one third or more yellow

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